Cheap quartz watches

Cheap quartz watches

The quartz watches is best known among the public, the most typical one to find, and more affordable to the pocket. Its basic operation is famous all over the world, because it is the clocks that work through a conventional battery, through one button. Over time, the battery will run out til its useful life expires and replaced with a new one. The battery usually lasts about 2 years, and economically they are very affordable, so there is no danger to the pockets. More »

Solar Powered Watch

Solar Powered Watch

These Watches have mechanism power by solar energy, they collect light, artificial or natural, by means of solar cells that are in the sphere, needles, numerical markers and transform it into energy. This mechanism can have both analog and digital clocks, and do not use a traditional battery, but have a rechargeable battery where the excess energy is stored, for the moments where there is no light. More »

Clock with USB charging

Clock with USB charging

The smart watches have a battery that recharges like a mobile phone. Inside the box, in addition to the watch, the instructions and the guarantee, comes a USB cable to connect the watch to a computer, plug, external battery. Smart watches are those that incorporate some technology, receive phone calls or make them, photos, GPS .The battery works just like a solar battery, they are rechargeable for x time, approximately its useful life is 10 years More »


Dmitry Medvedev Watch Batteries

Not many people know that Dmitry Anatolyevich is an ardent fan of watches and watch batteries. Among the favorite – models from top brands such as: Jaeger-LeCoultre, Franck Muller, Breguet, and even Glashütte Original. Most of the brands owned by the Swiss manufacturers, although there is also a German quality copy. For example, watch batteries Franck Muller Mariner 8080, in the original version, reached the mark of 20,000 dollars for 1 copy. These were seen in Medvedev at a meeting of the Supreme Council.

The most expensive representative Dmitry Anatoliyovych collection is the brand Breguet Classique Moon Phase. Its price is 32,000 dollars. The design and quality of these watch batteries just amazing!

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